Lancaster Classic Time

It's the most wonderful time of the year....indoor archery season!!

The Lancaster Classic will be in full swing this weekend at the Spooky Nooks Sports Complex in Manheim, PA.  Over 1,000 archers of all ages will compete using the Lancaster format with 60 arrows where the X counts as an eleven for 660 total point round. 

After qualification, archers that make the cut will continue forward with head to head matches culminating in the shoot up format on Sunday.  Unique to Lancaster, the shoot-up matches the two lowest ranked archers in the bracket, with the winner moving up to face the next higher one.  So 7 and 8 shoot off, and the winner goes against 6.  They keep moving up the bracket until there is one final winner. 

A hallmark of Sunday's shoot-up is Lancaster Archery Supply's President, Rob Kaufhold interviewing archers in the middle of the round.  This unique format makes this tournament one of the best of the year.

For those you heading out to Pennsylvania, we wish you great luck; for those you at home, you can watch the live feed here:

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May your arrows always find the middle,

Brandi, Avram, and Megan, Archers Association of America

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