What is the Archers Association of America?

The Archers Association of America is an organization to support all different types of archers, from backyard or basement warriors, 3D enthusiasts, hunters, to people that long to stand on the World Cup or Olympic podium. We support archers by providing discounts on gear, travel and everyday.  

How much does it cost to be a member?

For the low price of $20 annually (before tax), you will have access to many discounts on anything we’ve been able to negotiate discounts on! This can include anything from car rentals to amusement parks to archery equipment.  

How do I use the discounts?

Discounts are dependent on the specific item and negotiated deal with the vendor. Check the discount details for more information. 

How can I get assistance?

Contact us through our contact page.

What should I expect as a member of the AAoA?

By being a member of the Archers Association of America, expect to receive emails about discounts, opportunities, giveaways and shooting opportunities. We expect to send at least one email a month, with special emails on top of that. Additionally, we will actively engage in social media to highlight national and local archery opportunities.

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