Meet OPA Winner Katherine Collier

We just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to an upcoming compound archer from New Jersey, Katherine Collier. Her season highlight this year was winning the very challenging OPA for her division. We admire her drive to succeed in archery!


How did you get started in archery?

When I was eight years old, I received a bow and a target for Christmas. Although it was a very basic Bear Archery bow with the pink beginner’s arrows, I immediately fell in love with the sport.


What was winning OPA like? How did you get ready for that event?

Winning OPA was amazing. I was a very big win for me because I personally knew my competitor, and how well she shoots. To get ready for the event, I practiced a lot of NFAA Field because it was the closeted thing I could shoot that would "resemble" 3D. I do not have a lot of 3D courses where I live, so when I practiced in my backyard I also used my rangefinder and shot around the yard at different angles and distances. I also spent a lot of time with my coach and other team members that have previously shot the OPA and other 3D tournaments.

How do you balance practicing, competing, and school? 

It is very hard to balance practicing, competing, and school, but somehow I am able to do it. I think it really comes down to understanding time management and your top responsibilities. If I know that I have a very important assignment or test coming up, I will make that my top priority because education is one of the most important things to me. However, I try to shoot every day, even if it's for only a few ends.

What would you like other girls considering archery to know about the sport?

I would like girls to know that they can do it! Archery does not have to be a sport for only boys, and once you delve deeper into it, you realize that it’s not. I have made so many great friends and connections through archery, and I wish that I started sooner. Even though it is not the "normal", everyday sport, it's a great thing to participate in!


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