Seattle Horizon Archery: Shining Light on Archery in the Pacific Northwest


We recently noticed social media postings celebrating archery in the Pacific Northwest pop up on our feeds, and we were pleasantly surprised to find recurve archer, Timm Hines, and his wife, Jenn, behind the new initiative to bring light to the sport in their home turf.

First off, tell us more about your new endeavor; what is Seattle Horizon Archery? What do you hope to accomplish with this? How can people find you?

Absolutely. My wife and I began an organization called Seattle Horizon Archery just a little over a year ago and launched a website Our focus is to bring archery resources to the Pacific Northwest Region and provide recognition of the archers who compete at local, state, and national/international events.

We have a great State Association in Washington State however they don't necessarily recognize people or organizations that do not pay to be members. It is our hopes to recognize all archery organizations, shooting styles, and levels of competition regardless of who an individual or business aligns themselves with organizationally or if they shoot a longbow, crossbow, compound bow or recurve. Archery is archery. As a community we should be celebrating archery successes in our opinion. We are trying to make that happen in our area one post, one story, one picture at a time.

How did you get started in archery?

I got started in archery back in 2003 when a few kids at the school where I taught wanted to give it a try. I didn't know much about it so I went to local shops and clubs to learn more. One thing lead to another and 6 months later I shot a qualifying score to compete in the 2004 Olympic trials. Became addicted to the sport, realized I wanted to see how far I could go and made the 2007/2009 US National Team.

What do you like best about being part of an archery community?

I think I appreciate the archery community because it really attracts people who have a positive mental attitude and a different way of thinking. People are really supportive for the most part.

If you could wave a magic wand and improve some aspect of archery, what would you like to see happen?

If I could wave a wand, I would like to see people who are really trying to do something in the sport get more support. There is more information now more than ever before in online access. It seems that there are communities that are still trying to catch up to it. I think that's one reason we started Seattle Horizon Archery—to help people get connected to the information, equipment, lessons, and places to compete.

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