What are Flights at the Vegas Archery Shoot?


Anyone can win at the Vegas Shoot.  Yup, anyone.  Well maybe not in the Championship Open—that requires a score of 900 for all three days, or winning the Lucky Dog shoot off, and then making it through the big show on Sunday.  But for those of us registered in the Flights divisions—we all have a chance.

Archers sign up for a flight based on shooting style with divisions for: Bowhunter, Recurve Barebow, Recurve, Compound, Compound Limited, Crossbow Unlimited, Crossbow.  Archers in the flight divisions shoot as a group on Friday and Saturday.  Then on Saturday night, the flights, or groupings of approximately 30 archers, are announced.  Archers are slotted into flight by score, grouping like archers together.

Then on Sunday, the flighted archers compete in these smaller 30-shooter groups for ranking, and hopefully, the flight payout.  Payouts vary between the flights based on how many people are in your division overall and how high of a flight you ranked into.  This great system gives any registered archer a chance to be competitive among their peers while competing at the biggest indoor archery tournament on the calendar.

This year, the Archers Association of America is adding to these payouts with contingency on the line for members competing in flight divisions in The Vegas Shoot.   Any AAoA member (in good standing as of 2/9 at 4:30PST) who ranks first in their flight will be eligible for $50 in contingency funds.  More about this contingency program can be founds on our website!


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