Archery Contingency Money Explained


Have you ever seen a pro archer struggle to hold up all of the big checks at the end of a major tournament?  Only one of those checks will be from the tournament itself.  The others may stem from contingency money.

Contingency money is money pledged by sponsors and manufacturers for athletes that met certain standards or contractual obligations while winning at tournaments eligible for contingency.  For example, the Easton Arrow Contingency Program requires archers to shoot their products, be members in good standing of the national organization, register at the booth before the tournament starts,  and in a shooting class with at least ten registrants.  Black Eagle arrows requires archers who wish to be eligible for contingency to shoot their product, wear a jersey or hat that features their logo the entire time, provide a podium photo, and at ASA and IBO tournaments to sign in at the booth before shooting. 

If you are attending a major event, it can be a good idea to check out the programs offered by different sponsors or manufacturers; you never know when it might be your turn to stand on the podium and smile with those big checks!

And remember, this year, the Archers Association of America is adding to these payouts with contingency on the line for members competing at the Vegas Shoot in the flight divisions.   Any AAoA member (in good standing as of 2/9 at 4:30PST) who ranks first in their flight will be eligible for $50 in contingency funds.  More about this contingency program can be founds on our website!


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