Got Mojo? Eric & Tracy Yost of Yost Archery Products


You both shoot in the barebow category at multiple archery events and work together with Yost Archery Products; what advice might you have for couples looking to share this sport together, either on or off the field?  What do you to keep the competition friendly and the teamwork intact?

 Definitely get into archery together—if you don’t want to be sitting around waiting on your spouse.  Archery can take up a lot of time, and when you are both shooting,  you look forward to spending that time together.  Plus watching your partner hit a goal makes you proud of them. And you get to witness it instead of hearing about it.  Most things between Eric and I become a competition as we are both pretty competitive.  In archery, my goal is to beat him, and he knows that. We will talk smack to each other throughout the shoot, but we will also say good shot or say fix this, do this, and encourage each other along the way too. The teamwork is to see each other succeed at archery. That is the ultimate goal we both want.

 What advice could you give someone looking to get started in barebow archery?

Get ready to have fun and work! It is very rewarding to shoot barebow. Shooting barebow really makes you accountable for each shot. As it really focuses on your form.  

Got Mojo appears at the Yost motto—how do you define mojo? What makes for a great day of shooting for either of you?

Mojo- Magic and Awesomeness.  Everyday we get to go shoot makes for a great day of shooting. We love to spend the day outside with our son,  family and friends. We are fortunate to have a great local barebow community that we get to shoot with fairly often. Eric’s side of the family has many traditional archers, and we try to shoot together as much as possible.


Yost Archery Products is one of the biggest innovators around for barebow archery.  What are some of the products you have designed?  Where do your ideas come from?  Is there anything new on the horizon?

 Eric came up with the designs of the products. I designed the website and do the marketing and business practices. Our ideas come from our love of the sport, our experiences, and how we can improve a product. We strive for innovative and superior quality products.  We have new designs  currently in development and are hoping to have them in production by next year.  

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