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What is your archery journey? How did you become an archer?

I was taken hunting by my uncles and cousins growing up in Ohio. They hunted deer, turkey, raccoon and did some trapping as well, and my uncle showed me how to shoot a compound bow as a teenager.

How did you get in the business of archery jerseys?

About 12 years ago, my oldest son was playing paintball and got me into playing. I started playing competitive paintball. At the same time, I was working as a graphic designer. My son told me that he thought I would be able to make some great looking jersey designs. So I played with a few design ideas and posted them on my Trevis Meseroll Designs facebook page.

Then I started to see some interest in my design work, and then it kind of took off, and I was freelancing my design work for just about every custom jersey manufacturer in the paintball industry and also working with some of the industries top companies as well.

Then I got more involved in hunting as more than just a hobby and my passion for archery grew as well. So then SureShot Custom Jerseys was born. I wanted to do what I did in the paintball industry but in the archery realm. But have my own brand this time!

What do you think makes a great archery jersey?


My outlook on what a "custom" jersey is or should be was hatched about 10 years ago. "Custom" should be exactly that! CUSTOM. Not some "cookie cutter" pre-made jersey template that hundreds of people can buy and only change the color!

That to me ISN'T a custom jersey at all. As well when I launched SureShot, I intentionally didn't set up a website. Why? That is very easy to answer: I want to offer a hands on approach to our friends. You and I work together to get you a great looking jersey that YOU wanted in terms of layout, colors, and logos. I don't charge for vectorizing logos, or for the addition of this many or that many. SureShot cuts out the games of jersey making and sets the price, and that is the price! To me, it's about QUALITY and not QUANTITY!

What is your favorite part of the process/business?

The interaction with my new friend or friends that will be wearing that SureShot jersey "we" created! As well as the design aspect and layout of the art.

How does your faith influence your business practices?

That is a simple one for me. It's the driving force behind what I do. I set a great price point, making it an affordable custom jersey. I work full time and love to design and SureShot is my outlet for creativity. This isn't about the money, never has been. The Lord has always made a way and taken care of me. Yes we need money to survive in life. But I started SureShot to get my design fix and help archers, and other athletes of all sports, get a creatively unique jersey that will STAND OUT from the crowd!


As a creative writer myself, I find that archery and my writing can take up the same space in my brain; do you see any overlap between art and design and archery?

I honestly knew since i was about 8 or 9 I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. I would see logos, and I would critique them and think about how i could make them different or better. I took as many art classes as I could in school, I've also painted canvas art and custom murals in homes too. I truly love being able to design custom jerseys for archers or archery companies/shops. It does overlap on something I truly love. To me, there isn't anything like shooting a bow! I love to hunt and also just going to the range and letting them arrows fly is so freeing! My youngest son, who is 8, has stated shooting a compound bow and is liking it, which thrills me!


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